How to Have Fun in a Nuclear Bunker

You’re in Prague. You’ve crossed the Charles Bridge, taken a cruise along the Vltava river, and watched the orloj chime the hour. If the Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour isn’t next on your to-do list, put it there immediately.

Nuclear survival plan? Czech!

During the Cold War, the Czech Republic went all out in its preparations for a nuclear attack. Underground bunkers, gas masks, hidden tunnels – they were all there to keep everyone safe if the unthinkable happened.

It didn’t.

But now these relics make for a delightful afternoon out, if you can handle small spaces and slightly insane Czech tour guides.

A local tour guide in full Cold War get-up.

The guides make the tour

It starts with the words “Hello Capitalists!” and ends with a free picture booklet in Nuclear Bunker Survival. In between, it’s a heady mix of fun and completely sobering history.

Maybe there’s a school for comedic tour guides that I don’t know about, but these guys are the best. They’ll talk you through the nuances of some of the most terrifying parts of Czech communist history, and then re-enact games of catch the grenade from their own school days. They might send you down the steps first (“just in case”) but they seriously know their stuff.

You aren’t prepared unless you have gas masks, missiles and a big red button.

Be equally prepared

You can only visit the nuclear bunker as part of a guided tour, so make you get online and book. Whether you’re looking for serious history, a bit of fun, or just somewhere snug to hide out until the Ice Bar opens, this is where you want to be.

And make sure you get a picture of yourself wearing a gas mask at the end. I didn’t and I’ll never outlive the regret.

Nuclear Bunker Gas Masks
Is there such a thing as too many gas masks?


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